Building Models

Full building models are a great way to demonstrate meeting and event spaces within the context of the built environment.


They allow planners to understand the flow of a building and greatly assist in the planning of an event.

Rotatable Building Models

Visrez can now generate rotatable exterior 3D models which incorporate over one hundred individual renders in a web-app.

This feature allows 3D building models to be rotated 360 degrees in the browser by the user.




Resort Maps

Resort Maps is the term we use to describe large scale plans with multiple structures. These are produced from the same combination blueprints and reference photos along with Google Maps to create photo-realistic 3D maps from multiple angles.



Resort Maps – Reference Assets


A combination of architectural blueprints and outline drawings help us create a detailed 3D Model of the buildings.

Basic diagrams are useful but not that helpful in terms of rendering the exterior textures of the buildings.

A large number of reference photos for each building and public areas are required.


Google Earth helps us to understand the terrain and landscape of the resort.

Once the first draft of the map has been uploaded comments can be added using the pin tool.

Views can be generated from any angle, in this case, the reverse of the resort.


With each revision, new details are applied to the 3D Model.


The final map can be downloaded or embedded as an iframe from Visrez.


Resort Map in client site with hotspots and rollovers.

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