Creating Plans

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

There are a number of ways to begin creating an event plan. You can either work from an existing plan and create a copy by Saving As a new plan or start from an empty space. To open an Empty space just click the + icon for that space. Users can create a copy of another users plan but cannot directly save over another user’s plan. If you edit within another users plan you have to ‘Save As’ under a new title to save your changes.

Once the Builder loads you can either draw manually or use the layout creator which will create the style & capacity based on the what you want to generate.

To use a layout template, click on the New button at the top bar, you need to chose a capacity and a style, then select the furniture for that style from your collection and click Create and the builder will add that number of objects to the model.

To draw by hand you need to click on the Add Objects (Shortcut Key = A) button in the left side bar and follow the instructions.

You select the object from your collection to add it to the plan.

Then click to place the objects in the model.

If you have selected to add multiple objects you select a layout style and then drag your mouse across the floor area to add the objects to that plan.

To move or space the objects when they are added you need to highlight them using the Select Tool (Shortcut Key = S) and then activate the Move Tool (Shortcut Key=M) to position them. You can also reposition or move selected objects using the arrow keys on your keyboard.