Getting Started

Camera Controls

Rotate Model

The floorplan model can be rotated 360 degrees by clicking and holding the left mouse button and then moving your mouse.

Zoom In & Out

Zoom In and Out of a floorplan model using the scroll wheel on your mouse. If you do not have a scroll wheel mouse then you can zoom using the slider on the bottom control panel.

Pan View

Holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse allows you to pan the camera view in any direction.

This action can also be achieved by holding CTRL + Right Mouse Button

Full Movement

By using all the controls above together you can quickly and easily move or position the 3D model to any angle.

Top-Down & Reset

The camera position can be moved to top-down view or reset to the starting point using the icons on the bottom control panel beside the zoom slider.

Editing Event Plans

Banquet Layouts

Theater Layouts

Creating Diagrams

Adding Single Objects

Single objects can be added to a scene by opening the object library, selecting the object to add and selecting “Add Single Item”.

Fill an Area

To add many objects at one time select the object from the library and select fill area. Clicking and dragging the mouse will create a fill area on the 3D floorplan.


Objects & Props

All furniture objects and props are available in the library and can be added to Floor Plan Builder.






When the object is approved it is loaded into the builder asset library and ready to use in your diagrams.


Layout Guidelines

*Floor Plan Builder applies defined spacing to ensure there is sufficient clearance between objects.






*Floor Plan Builder layout rules are based on the Meeting Professionals International standards. 



Exporting Diagrams

Floor Plan Builder allows you to export multiple views in both 3D & 2D  of your event plan.

Sharing & Exporting

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