New Accounts

To create a Visrez account go to the Sign-Up page.


A link to activate the account will be sent to your email.




Placing an Order

If you have a Visrez account just click on the New Order button in the Top Right of the Orders Screen place your order.



Our turnaround is 5 days (or less) from when assets are first uploaded to Visrez and reviewed by the project manager for your order.


Once you have placed your order, the next step is to upload Reference Photos & Blueprints to Visrez.



Order Dashboard

The dashboard contains a timeline of your order from initial set-up to completion.


It logs each action including uploads, comments, revisions and approvals in an easy to use timeline.


The Dashboard contains thumbnails for each upload to make it easy to access each revision from one place.




Multiple Orders

If you have access to multiple hotels you will see a grid view on the orders screen.



Each order has a summary panel with a progress bar representing the current status of the order.


The Dropbox icon represents the number of models with enough reference assets.  In this case 16/16 models have assets.


The uploaded icon represents to the number of models uploaded by our team.  In this case 15/16 models have been uploaded.

The thumb icon represents the number of models which have been approved.  In this case 10/16 models are approved.

When all models have been approved the progress bar is complete and the order is status is marked as closed.

Managing Teams

Contacts can be managed by any member of the client organisation from the Manage Contacts Panel.






Licensing Terms

Once payment in full has been received, Visrez grants the Customer a perpetual worldwide license to the unlimited use to display, publish the 3D Floor plans, Visuals, Video or VR on any website or marketing channel without requiring additional permission from Visrez.

Payment Methods

Invoices are displayed under the specification panel on order dashboard.

A 50% deposit is required at the start of the process and the balance is due on completion of each order.

When all floor plans have been approved you will receive an notification for the outstanding balance.




For Wire Transfer we ask that an order reference is included to help us identify payments.

Bank details are listed on the Contract link.

Credit Card payments can be made on the credit card page.



Order Suspensions

Where no deposit has been paid within 30 days of the start of an order, the preview link is disabled.




Where the annual support fee remains unpaid for over 30 days past the renewal date, the web-viewer is suspended.

To re-activate the web-viewer you will need to contact us to arrange payment.





Intellectual Property Rights

All intellectual property rights to the Floorplan Images produced by Visrez for the Customer will transfer to the Customer when full payment of the Fee has been received. Visrez reserves the right to display for marketing purposes any Floorplan images it has produced on the website and in any marketing campaigns without the prior permission of the Customer.

Source Files

All intellectual property rights in relation to the Source Code of the 3D files remains at all times the property of Visrez. We do not under any circumstances provide source files for our work to the client .


All assets provided by the client are kept strictly confidential and secure within the Visrez platform.

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