Event Sales Tools

Virtual Reality

Bring sales presentations to the next level and place clients inside an event space using Virtual Reality.

No Photo-Shoots on Property

Any Set-Up Style

Present multiple set-up styles and capacities created with no room set-ups or photo-shoots required on property.

Web, Mobile or VR

Show Night & Day

Dim the lights for atmosphere or switch to daytime to give clients a truly immersive experience of your venue.

Loved by Venues Worldwide

Indoors or Outdoors

Equally impressive for outdoor spaces so you can allow clients to visualise different stages of their events in photo-realistic quality.

A Revolutionary Tool

Any Room Capacity

Virtual Reality allows you to demonstrate event spaces in any set-up style on a phone or iPad.

3D Videos Walkthrough

Event Space Tours

Allow clients to walk through your event spaces and view multiple set-up styles without any on-site photo shoot required.

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