No Site Visits or Photo-Shoots

Working with Visrez means no site visits or photo-shoots as all our products are created from assets supplied by clients.

Guestroom Reference Photos

Event Space Reference Photos


Blueprints in any format from CAD to PDF or basic drawings help us understand the dimensions of the Space or Guestroom. 



If no blueprints can be found you can sketch out the space on paper like this client:drawing

Here is one of the 3D Floor Plans created based on the above sketch. (Rollover to Zoom)




Once you have assets ready they can be uploaded to Visrez from the floor plan page by clicking the Upload Button.


We understand that reference photos can only be taken when rooms are available so you don’t need all assets ready to start your order.




On the Upload Screen you can drag & drop the files or select them on your computer to upload them.




Once the assets have uploaded a thumbnail preview panel will display the uploaded assets.


All assets need to be reviewed by our team to ensure there is sufficient detail to proceed.


Visrez Orders


The assets are checked by our team and the status of model is updated to Assets Received.





Visrez delivers an email notification with a breakdown of the assets received to all contacts listed on the order.





Once good quality reference assets are supplied we can produce plans which are 100% accurate.


As floor plans are uploaded an email notification is sent to all clients listed on the order.




Where revisions are required it is important to add requests in Visrez and not by email.


Visrez allows you to highlight specific items within a plan and add comments directly on the plan.


  • Use the Pin Tool to highlight specific items within a floor plan. (This needs to be done once on any of the three views)



Here is a video showing the Pin tool in action.





  • You can also upload documents in any format (PDF, PPT or DOC, JPG or PNG) with the revisions.



We allow two rounds of revisions per model and recommend that all revisions are submitted at the same time.


We understand that small items can be overlooked but in most cases two rounds of revisions is enough to generate an accurate set of floor plans.


When a model is in-revision a red icon is displayed which means no requests can be submitted at that time.



Revisions are completed within 3 days and you will be notified by email when an updated floor plan is ready for review.



Selecting Set-Up Styles & Capacities

Up to five set-up styles are included with each 3D Model.

Visrez allows you to select the Room Styles & Capacities for each space in your order.

The five set-up Set-Up Styles plus the empty room layout are now in production.


Each Set-Up Style is created to the exact specification required by the client.

Set-Ups or Layouts are views from a side angle with 2 / 4 walls removed.





















To approve a floor plan click on the Approve Button on the Model screen.




Once a model has been approved it will display a green Thumbs Up icon beside each view.



3D Floor plans are available to download in a number of formats in Visrez.


On the individual floor plan screens you can select a Best Quality, JPG, PNG or the Zoom Code Package.


The Zoom Code package will save a zip file containing the magnifier option for displaying the plans.





Here is an example of a building exterior using the Zoom embedded directly from Visrez.



Clients can also download a Zip file containing all the floor plans in both web & print resolutions.


The average file sizes are 8MB for the high resolution plans and 2MB for the web resolution plans.


The zip file will contain all views for all spaces listed on the order.





Adding Floor Plans to your Website

3D Floor Plans can be added to a website with the Zoom tool for a great user experience.



Below each 3D Floor Plan there is a ‘Get Embed Code’ button which contains the iframe code for that specific floor plan.


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