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Thousands of Luxury Guest Rooms & Suites feature Visrez 3D Floor Plans as part of their visual merchandising.

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The Brand Standard

Visrez is widely recognised as the brand standard for the production of 3D Floor Plans by the leading hospitality brands worldwide. Our platform has generated tens of thousands of 3D Floor Plans for clients in more than ninety five countries.

No Site Visits or Photoshoots

Visrez launched in 2014 to offer photorealistic 3D Floor Plans without no site visits or photoshoots required. Visrez has grown by word of mouth and thousands of rooms and suites feature Visrez 3D Floor Plans as part of their online merchandising.

Higher Conversion Rates

Research conducted by one of the leading hospitality brands proved that Visrez 3D Floor Plans help to generate higher conversion rates and better ADR for multi-room suites. User engagement on pages which feature 3D Floor Plans was significantly higher than on pages which did not feature plans.

Travel Planning Tools

Allow your customers to understand the spaces to help their decision making during the booking process. Visrez 3D Floor Plans are ideal for multi-room suites or ADA units as they allow clients to visuallize the rooms better than photographs.

Futureproof Visual Assets

Visrez 3D Floor Plans can be embedded into any website using one line of code. Future renovations are included under an annual license plan which is available for every Visrez account. This is why Visrez plans are a great investment for any hotel or resort.

Hilton recommends Visrez for all our full service properties as research shows that suites which feature 3D Floor Plans achieve better conversion rates and higher ADR.

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How Visrez Works

Learn how Visrez can create 3D Floor Plans without any on-site visits or photoshoots required.

Revisions & Renovations

When it comes time to renovate Visrez can process any design changes under the annual license.

Website Integration

Each model in Visrez has a unique code page which can be found by clicking on the Share button.

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