New Revisions Tool and More Features Released

by Nikolay Geranliev Builder

Marking revisions and changes onto 3D models is even easier with the our new markup tool which allows users to note their changes using a pen, text boxes, graphics and callout shapes. This new feature replaces the old pin tool with a modern and intuitive editor to speed up the process of adding your changes onto spaces in Visrez.

New Floor Plan Builder Features

Floor Plan Builder got some really useful new features in this release including the ability to add text labels onto furniture objects which a number of our users had requested. Users can now label objects with the text tool just by clicking on the object and the text box can be saved directly onto the item so that even more information can be added to your builder plans.

In spaces with many airwalls, it used to be tricky to understand which number corresponded to each section in the plan so our team has implemented an update to the airwall function which displays a wireframe of the wall along with a number. This will help users to separate spaces with a large number of dividers as they can immediately tell which number corresponds to the section in the plan.

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