Drag & Drop and More New Floor Plan Builder Tools

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

At the end of last year our team began reviewing the Add & Build functions as there was always some confusion for users between these options. What was envisioned as a relatively straightforward project turned into a much bigger task and our team worked on multiple prototypes before we selected our preferred choice which involved a significant update to our original code. The end result is a greatly enhanced Floor Plan Builder which we hope existing users will love and new users can learn more easily. Our team is genuinely delighted with the result and although it took several months longer than expected, we believe it was worth the extra time and effort.   

New Drag & Drop Tool 

Single 3D Objects can be added to your space using drag & drop from the client collection. Just click on the object and drag it into your space. It could not get any easier to create 3D event plans using the new drag & drop tools.  

New Build Tool

We have significantly upgraded the Build tool with this release. Users can specify the exact number of objects in the number field or leave the number field empty and draw with the mouse. Object numbers can be increased or decreased using the new marker tools.

We have also added new spacing sliders which are really simple to use. You can adjust object spacing before or after placing the objects inside the plan with the new sliders. When you are happy with your plan just to click Save or Clear to start over. These new enhancements make it easy for users of all technical ability to create stunning 3D Event plans.

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