The Future of Event Diagramming

Floor Plan Builder

Get ahead of the competition and win more business using the industry's most advanced 3D diagramming tool.

Professional Quality Rendering

Create Amazing Plans

Created by Visrez, the industry's leading 3D Visualisation platform serving thousands of clients worldwide.

Furniture & Staging Equipment

Exact Replicas

Each piece of furniture and staging equipment is replicated in 3D and loaded into the builder library.

Indoor or Outdoor Spaces

Photo-Realistic Detail

Floor Plan Builder diagrams are guaranteed to deliver the WOW factor when shared with clients.

Create Engaging 3D Plans

Open & Close Airwalls

Demonstrate the full flexibility of your event spaces with the airwalls open or closed. Amazing!

Create & Share Diagrams

Real Time Sharing

Export event diagrams to PDF or create shared links for real-time collaboration with your clients.

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