Inside Your Visrez Account

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

A concise guide to your team’s Visrez account

On the dashboard you will see a chronological history of all the activity in your Visrez account right back to the set-up.

On the right side of the dashboard is the Floor Plan Builder panel panel which provides an easy way to view the number of diagrams by event space. Each space is color coded and the top bar displays the total number of plans created across all spaces in the account. Clicking on the event space displays the total number of plans created for that space and brings you to the builder page for that space.

Clicking on the Floor Plan Builder panel in on a plan thumbnail in the dashboard will bring you to the Plans page. This is where you can view all the plans created across all spaces by every user in your account.

On the plans page have a number of controls available before you open an event plan in the builder.

You can create a copy of any other users’ plan by clicking on the duplicate button below the event date.

Users can create a copy of plan created by another team member but cannot delete another team member’s plan. User can only rename or delete their own event plans.

The Admin Contact on each Visrez account has the permission to delete or rename all builder plans which have been created by all other users.

Managing Team Members

You can manage users in your account from the Users / Team Panel without having to send requests to Visrez support.

To add a new user to your account just enter their email address and they will receive an email signup for your Visrez account.

Static 3D Models

This section contains the static room models which are created as step one in the process of setting up the builder. These can be re-activated if renovations are necessary at any stage. Once the rooms are all approved we keep the static models in this section. Static 3D Models can be downloaded or displayed in your website using the embed code tools.