Revisions & Renovations

by Rushi Alhaiat 3D Floor Plans

As mentioned in the reference asset guide you will receive a draft set of 3D Floor Plans within 3/4 working days from the date the reference assets are reviewed by our team and the model status changes to In-Production. Once you get the email notification you can review the plans in your account. If everything has been recreated exactly in the first round then you can approve the models and they are ready for download or can be added to your site immediate. If revisions are required then you can use the in-built tools to communicate exactly what needs to be revised with the team responsible.

Visrez does not process revision requests submitted by email and reply-to emails from the system are not picked up by the team. To complete your plans in a timely fashion is recommended to use the revision tools built into your account as these have been purpose built by our team and have helped us to produce thousands of models Worldwide.

Using the Pin Tool

The Pin Tool is built into the Visrez platform and allows you to add comments onto any specific item within a plan. Moving your mouse over the plan activates the magnifying tool and clicking then activates a text box which marks the item with a pin. This video shows how to use the Pin tool to mark revision requests directly onto any object with the 3D Floor Plan.

Uploading Additional Assets

Often during the production additional assets are required for clarification. These can be small items that perhaps were missed in the first drafts or features which no reference photos were supplied. You can upload additional reference photos on the right side of the model screen along with detailed comments which allows for more characters than the pin tool.

Additional reference shots can be uploaded on the side of each view which speeds up the turnaround on revisions as can tell exactly what is required. It is advisable to use the side panel for uploading any additional reference shots specific to that plan. Please note you can upload these to any view and only need to do this once.

How Many Rounds Are Permitted ?

The answer to this question is that our team will replicate the guestrooms and suites with 100% accuracy once sufficient reference assets have been provide. Larger and more complex suites can require a few rounds of revisions due to the number of objects and details features but we will get these completed within a few rounds of revisions.

Automatic Approvals

The Visrez platform allows seven days for comments to be added onto models before the plans are automatically approved by the system. This setting can be switched off on request if your team needs more time to review the models. As per our terms & conditions invoicing will need to be settled within the agreed timeframe regardless of whether the models have been completed or approved.


Room renovations are covered under the annual license and support for each order. This means the 3D Floor Plan models can be updated to match new interiors at no additional cost. Renovations include soft furnishing and furniture changes within the space and once an renovation model has been requested you can upload new reference shots for the space to your account. Our team will review the assets and if they are sufficient to proceed then the model status will change to In-Production.

What if the footprint of the space has changed ?

If the spaces have fundamentally changed and a new model is required then this is not classified as a renovation and a new model will need to be ordered. This type of request is not covered under the support plan and the model will be charged at the standard rate for that room type. In summary renovations are for interior design elements only and do not cover scenarios where the structure under goes a significant update where we would need to update the model.

What’s the turnaround on renovations ?

Once new assets have been uploaded renovations are turned around within the standard 5 working day period. Notification previews are issued in the same way as with new models. Revision requests can be submitted through the platform and will be processed in line with our standard procedure.

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