Lighting Options

by Rushi Alhaiat Virtual Reality

Lighting Effects in VR

The lighting option in the VR viewer allows the users to switch between two light settings and is a brilliant way to demonstrate the ambient atmosphere in an event space. This really engages the viewer and puts them inside the space virtually allowing them to visualize an event with various lighting options.

Lighting Changes with each Style

Another great technique is to add a different lighting effect to each set-up style so as the user changes style the background lighting changes. This is a more subtle effect but none the less creates a very realistic sense of the space across multiple set-up styles.

Assets for Lighting Options

To recreate the exact lighting effect we require some reference shots of the space showing the lighting color required. Once assets are uploaded our team will produce guide visuals for client approval before the VR is rendered. Many clients use our static visuals in their websites alongside event photographs because the quality is so high it is difficult to tell they are renders.

Partnering with Visrez

Visrez products do not require on-site visits, room set-ups or professional photoshoots as they are created from reference photos taken by clients. Partnering with Visrez means giving your team the sales tools to succeed and future-proofing your digital assets for the long term. This is why over one thousand hotels, resorts and convention centers Worldwide are on the Visrez platform.

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