Terms & Conditions

– Prices are valid for 30 days from the date of estimate.
– Any change in scope or specification may be subject to additional charges.
– Once the estimate has been agreed client will be set up with an account on the Visrez platform.
– Usernames & passwords will be supplied for any number of users on the client account.
– A contract is available within all client accounts under the Terms & Conditions section.
– For US Clients, a copy of the Visrez W8-Ben can be downloaded from the Terms & Conditions Section.

Reference Assets

– Client is required to provide Room Diagrams in any of the accepted formats.
– Client is required to supply reference photos for each room listed on the estimate.
– Visrez will not begin work where insufficient assets have been provided.
– Visrez will not begin work where a deposit has not been processed.

Revisions & Approvals

– First Floor Plan is delivered within 7 days of the agreed start date.
– Revisions will be delivered within five working days.
– Where a delay may occur Visrez will notify client and provide an alternative delivery date.
– Clients are permitted one round of revisions per floor plan. [One Room or one Set Up = One Floor plan]
– Visrez teams reserve the right to decide whether requests count as new revisions.
– Visrez managers can at their discretion agree to additional rounds of revisions for any specific model.
– Each Floor Plan must be approved by the client before the files can be downloaded from the system.
– Final Revisions will be deemed to be made where seven days have lapsed and no comments have been received.
– Floor Plans or Visuals will be automatically approved in Visrez after 7 days following the upload.


– 50% payment of the Agreed Fee must be paid prior to commencement of the Order.
– 50% balance of the Agreed Fee must be paid on completion or within 60 days of the start of the order.
– Visrez reserve the right to charge customers in their local currency such as USD or Euro.
– Payments can be made by Credit Card from within the client account or by bank transfer.
– For bank payments, we will require a remittance as proof of payment.
– Where an account is in arrears for over 60 days, it will be automatically suspended.
– Suspended accounts will only be re-activated once full payment has been received.
– When an account has been suspended any future orders will require full pre-payment.
– Clients are responsible for paying their own bank charges and cannot deduct these from the total balance.
– Deposit and Balance payments are non refundable.


– Visrez will not be held liable if the client fails to provide sufficient assets to complete the project.
– Visrez will not be held liable if the client fails to provide feedback or approval in a timely fashion.
– We reserve the right to increase our annual support fee at any time and without requiring prior agreement with the client.
– Where the annual support fee has not been paid within 30 days all services and applications will be suspended.
– Where the client does not require a Web-App they can download the floor plans from the Visrez platform.
– Visrez reserve the right to display our work on our website and in any marketing campaigns without the prior permission of the client.
– Visrez reserve the right to place our logo in the VR Viewer without requiring the permission of the client.
– All intellectual property rights in relation to the source code remains at all times the property of Visrez.
– Visrez reserve the right to display client logos on our website without requiring advance permission of the client.
– Visrez reserve the right to display client names and messages on our website as testimonials without requiring permission from the client.
– As of December 1st 2018 all orders require a support plan for full access to the visrez platform.
– Orders without a support plan are a one off purchase and not eligible for updates at any time in the future.
– Orders without a support plan will have restricted access to the Visrez platform once all models have been approved.

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