Guest Room Reference Shots

Event Space Reference Shots


Blueprint Drawings

Blueprints in any format help us understand the dimensions and layout of a Guestroom or Event Space. 




If no blueprints are available you can sketch out the space:drawing

Here is the 3D Model based on the above sketch.



Uploading to Visrez

Assets can be uploaded to Visrez from the floor plan page by clicking the Upload Button.




On the Upload Screen you can drag & drop the files or select them on your computer to upload them.




Once the assets have uploaded a thumbnail preview panel will display the uploaded assets.


Visrez Orders


The assets are checked by our team and the status of model is updated to Assets Received.




Email Notifications

As floor plans are uploaded an email notification is delivered to all contacts on the order.


Revision Requests

The Pin Tool allows users to mark any item within the 3D floor plan model so it can be revised.

Here is an example of revisions marked onto a floor plan.


Select Set-Up Styles

Up to five set-up styles are included with each 3D Model.

Visrez allows you to select the Room Styles & Capacities for each space in your order.

The five set-up Set-Up Styles plus the empty room layout are now in production.

Approving Models

To approve a floor plan click on the Approve Button on the Model screen.




Once a model has been approved it will display a green Thumbs Up icon beside each view.


Embed Codes

3D Floor Plans can be added to a website with the Zoom tool for a great user experience.



Below each 3D Floor Plan there is a ‘Get Embed Code’ button which contains the iframe code for that specific floor plan.


Downloading Files

On the individual floor plan screens you can choose from a number of formats including PNG, JPG or the Zoom Package.




File sizes range from under 1 MB for web resolution plans to 30 MB for the high resolution versions.





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