What is Visrez

Visrez is used by the world’s leading hospitality brands to generate 3D Floor Plans, Visuals and Virtual Reality. Visrez has created over fourty thousand photo-realistic 3D Visuals without any site visits or photo-shoots. Clients upload blueprints and reference shots and Visrez brings each space to life in stunning photo-realistic detail. Once the 3D models have been produced in Visrez they can be updated as the spaces are renovated making them a valuable asset for Hotels & Resorts worldwide.



Visrez has served over a thousand customers across eighty countries worldwide.

The Visrez platform manages the process from order set-up to asset collection, revisions, approvals and distribution.


No photo-shoots or site visits means Visrez works around the world every day.


Clients love Visrez because it is a unique 3D Visualisation Platform unlike anything else on the market.

Visrez generates 3D Floor Plans, Visuals & VR in one easy to use platform.


Allowing clients to add 3D to their websites with a single line of code.


Visrez operates from a purpose built studio in central europe designed by our own team.



Who We Are

Our Story

Back in 2012 Visrez was a digital marketing agency based in Dublin, Ireland dealing with many clients in the hospitality industry. After reading a Wall St Journal article about how IKEA had switched from photography to 3D because of the flexibility and cost savings, we wondered if the same could work for hotels.

We had first-hand knowledge of the costs and planning required for on-site photo-shoots. The best photographers were booked up months in advance and clients had to factor in the extra staff costs to set-up the spaces and write off lost revenue during the shoot.  Photo-shoots were always far down on their list of priorities.

With that article in mind we contacted local companies who provided 3D Visualisation services and quickly understood why 3D was not used in the hospitality industry. It was priced based on the square footage of a room so even for the smallest ballroom it would work out very expensive.


We invested in some high powered workstations to try to produce 3D Visuals in-house. We went out and took the reference shots ourselves and learnt the basics of 3D modelling, texturing and rendering. Most of our early efforts were given away for free and although very basic they were well received by clients. Gradually we improved our skills and eventually reached a point where clients were prepared to pay for our 3D Visuals.



Packaging 3D visuals into custom built iPad apps for Sales Presentations and Meetings proved popular with clients. However after about nine months we realised that iPad App development process was slowing us down so we made the decision to stop offering Apps and focus on the 3D.  We built a basic online tool for managing the projects and previewing the 3D visuals to clients.



The decision to focus on 3D started to pay off with referrals and new business from overseas. Many of these new clients said they had been searching for a product like Visrez for a long time and were really excited to have found us.  Some had even previously contacted architects and got quotes for thousands of dollars for 3D Models of their ballrooms. They had experienced the same problem as us but from a client perspective.


At this point it was clear that we needed a more robust platform to manage the process. When it came to developing systems we were fortunate to have an experienced team in-house. The key to a successful system build is to get the minimum viable product live with paying customers and move forward from there.  As this was a side project we had no time for extras and stuck to a simple feature set, ignoring all non-essential items.



Once the first version of the platform was live with clients on board we could identify the areas which need attention and prioritise those for clients. Our objective was to create a platform which simplified the process of generating photo-realistic 3D visuals for clients worldwide. As there would be no on-site visits, photo-shoots or face to face meetings, everything would have to be managed centrally in the Visrez platform.



Visrez today is unrecognisable from its’ early days, incorporating Virtual Reality, Resort Maps, Rotatable Building Models alongside our popular 3D Floor Plans for Meeting Spaces & Guest Suites. In 2017 Visrez generated hundreds of visuals each week with ever improving levels of detail and turnaround times. Clients can now create their own orders, select styles and upload reference assets to their orders independently. Our Visuals can be downloaded in multiple formats or embedded directly from Visrez into their websites.


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