Visrez VR - A Revolutionary Product

Share Event Spaces in multiple Set-Up Styles, Capacities and Lighting Options.  
Put clients inside a space virtually with a revolutionary visualisation tool.

No Site Visits or Photo-Shoots required and Visrez VR can be updated at any time.  

banquet Multiple Set-Up Styles

Visrez VR allows the user to switch between set-up styles inside the space.

Multiple Room Capacities

Visrez VR can include multiple capacity options for each set-up style.

Switch Light Settings

Visrez VR can present multiple lighting options for each set-up style.

Experience Visrez VR on any device..

Real Time Reporting Tools

In built reporting tools to help you understand visitor engagement with the VR.

Total Views

4m 16s
Avg. Session Time

Reports can be scheduled weekly or monthly to keep up to speed at all times.


Browser Views
Chrome 1090
Firefox 440
Internet Explorer 80
Edge 70
Safari 10


Country Views
United States 580
Ireland 360
Spain 300
United Kingdom 180
Others 280


Device Views
Apple iPhone 290
Apple iPad 30
Samsung SM-A510F Galaxy A5 10
Samsung SM-G935F Galaxy S7 10
Others 1340


WebVR Experience including multiple set-up styles, room capacities and lighting options.

  •  Includes 3D Floor Plans
  •  Any Three Set-Up Styles
  •  Two Capacities Per Style
  •  Two Lighting Options
  •  WebVR & Oculus App
  •  Reporting & Analytics


14 Day Turnaround

Annual License - $150 per space

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