Production Process

Visrez solves the problem of producing photorealistic virtual tours without any on-site photoshoot. The platform has generated thousands of Virtual Tours without no site visits, room set-ups or scheduling issues. Visrez Virtual Tours can be produced quickly once good quality reference assets are uploaded to your account. The platform breaks production down into a step by step process, making it easy for clients to collaborate with the Visrez team to ensure every detail is recreated accurately.

Visrez generates a set of floor plans for the space without the ceiling so clients can review the interiors. Once approved the Floor Plan Builder is used for the set-ups. Clients can select a collection of furniture from the Visrez Library for each set-up style. Next the Visrez 3D team produces photorealistic interior renderings with ceiling and lighting detail. Once the interior renderings and builder plans have been approved by the client the final step is to combine all the elements into the Virtual Tour. The unique code is available in your account within a couple of days and the tour can be added to your website or mobile device.

Visrez is a unique platform which has has generated thousands of photorealistc Virtual Tours using proprietary 3D visualization techniques which we have developed over several years. Visrez is regarded as most highly skilled 3D Visualization team serving the hospitality and events industry worldwide.

Outdoor Spaces

Anyone who has ever worked in events knows the work involved to prepare an outdoor event so having the ability to set the spaces virtually without a photoshoot is a real timesaver.

Outside views can be incorporated from reference shots provided by clients into their Virtual Tours.

Allowing the user to switch between day & night views is a superb feature because it give users the ability to demonstrate multiple settings. A conference can be switched out for a banquet with the touch of a button.

Mutiple Set-Ups & Capacities

Virtual Tours allow clients to present any event space in multiple capacities and set-up options.

Set-up options can be selected with mutiple capacities available for each room style. 

Lighting Options

The lighting option allows the users to switch between two light settings and is a brilliant way to demonstrate the ambient atmosphere in a space. This puts them inside the space allowing them to visualize an event.

Multiple lighting effects can be added for each set-up so as the user switches styles the lighting changes.

Many Visrez clients display our interior visuals in their websites because the photorealistic detail is so high.

Assets Required

Once the 3D Visuals have been approved we can proceed with the Virtual Tours and Walkthrough Videos.

We need to confirm the camera path which can be done by drawing on a floor plan or blueprint.

or you can film a walk-through on your phone.

For outside areasblueprints or floorplans and panorama photos of the area are required.

Choosing a second dim lighting option in the Ballrooms makes the video more interesting.

Set-Up Styles using the Floor Plan Builder are crucial for creating a Virtual Tour.

Reference Shots

Professional standard photographs are not necessary and event spaces do not need to be set-up or cleared.

Website Integration

Once added the Virtual Tours allow users to change set-up styles, capacities and lighting in the space.

On Mobile

Add to Home Screen

Select Add

Open Tour

Walkthrough Videos


Visrez is regarded as the very best 3D Visualization provider to the industry and has generated thousands of Virtual Tours for clients Worldwide. We aim to keep pricing as easy to understand as possible for our clients and do not factor in the dimensions or details of a space when it comes to producing Virtual Tours.

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