Immersive Experiences

Virtual Reality brings sales presentations to life by placing clients inside the rooms.

The user can change set-up styles, camera position and lighting styles within any event space.

This is a screen recording of a user taken inside the VR device.



Each VR kit consists of a Phone and Samsung Gear VR Glasses in a flight case with your App installed.vr-kit


VR apps can also be used with Google Cardboard and branded viewers can be supplied.


What clients say about VR

Some of the reactions from clients experiencing VR for the first time..

“We are sincerely impressed with Visrez VR product”


“IT’S AMAZING!!! Everyone loves it here!!!”


“By the way, I saw the VR last week, it’s incredible, thank you”


“Our VR Kit is here and we are super excited, so close to reality”


“I have just experienced the VR. It’s going to IMEX America with the team”.


“The VR is wonderful and very true to our spaces”


“Only got it yesterday, what a super clever product”


“The team here is so enthusiastic about using VR in presentations”


“We are so impressed by the VR, never seen anything like it”

“Congratulations Visrez, a remarkable product you have built”

“Our commercial team are literally fighting over who gets to use it next!”

Belgium’s First Hotel to Use VR – Hotel BLOOM

Hotel BLOOM! is a design hotel in the centre of Brussels operated by Pandox, a leading owner of hotel properties in Northern Europe. At Pandox they love to try out new technologies and the team were excited to discover our Virtual Reality product. They knew this product would be an ideal method of promoting such a unique property internationally. The completed VR App contains photo-realistic renders of all the pubic areas and event spaces with multiple set-up styles allowing the user to switch positions and set-ups as if they are standing in the room.


Here is a recording from within the VR App which is controlled by user eye-tracking.



We built a full 3D replica of the Hotel with all the details even the vintage VW Bus which is used to serve Belgian waffles. This was a first !


WebVR Integration

WebVR allows users to experience VR in a browser without the need for a Headset or any installed application.

We offer the following methods for integrating WebVR with your site or mobile device.

The URL method allows you to link the VR directly into your site




The embed code option allows you to display the VR in your site by copying and pasting the code into your page.





How to enable WebGL

If your browser displays a message like this where the VR should appear it means that WebGL is not enabled in your browser.

To enable WebGL in Chrome you need to go to  Chrome://flags and scroll down to the WebGL field to make sure it is set to Enabled.




Detailed instructions for all other browsers are available here.

Oculus App

As an approved Oculus developer each Visrez VR apps is distributed in the Oculus Store.




Once the VR has been approved in the system, the App can be installed onto the phone.



Accepting the invitation will be confirmed with the following screen:


You then open the Oculus store by selecting the Oculus icon from the home screen.


Scroll down to the My Preview Apps section of the Oculus Store:

Select the app you wish to install and hit Start:

Once the app is installed you will be prompted to insert the app into the Gear VR

Select the App from the main menu to launch.

VR Set-Up

Each VR Kit contains a Galaxy S7 Phone and Samsung Gear VR Glasses in a flight case.

To get started you need to insert the phone into the docking device on the glasses.

There are two docking device positions so it can adjust to fit different sized phones.



Position B is the optimum setting so you will need to adjust the holder into this position.

Press in the dock and gently slide it over from the A to the B Setting



Once locked in the B setting you will see the green button is highlighted on the B.




Connect the phone into the device and it is ready to use.

Clients simply Love the VR Experience.

More instructions are available on the Samsung website

Exteriors in VR

In order to add in exterior views and skylines into the VR, clients should provide clear reference shots of that view from up close to the windows.

We cannot be expected to model a city skyline so we use these external reference shots shots to produce the same effect.

Here is an example of an empty meeting room render with the skyline view incorporated:

Here are some of the reference shots we used to drop in the external view into the VR scenes.



We need a minimum of 4 – 5 clear exterior view shots per window in order to build an accurate panorama.


Please try to stand within two feet of the window to capture the maximum portion of the view.


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