3D Floor Plans Are Vital Research Tools

by Helen Gore-Grimes 3D

As a wheelchair user, as a result of a spinal injury in childhood, I have continually strived to be as independent as possible. Now as a Director of a 3D Visualisation company serving the Hospitality industry, I truly believe that our products provide real value to guests and hotels alike.

Throughout my life independence has been vital for me to overcome my disability and feel equal to my peers. Travel has always been a passion of mine. Travelling with a disability brings its own set of challenges. Accessibility is essential. In my determination to push boundaries in my youth I have found myself in some extreme situations – once through an embarrassing lack of research I found myself in a basket strapped to the back of a sherpa trekking up Mount Everest! This was definitely a step too far and that experience made me much more careful in my pre-travel accessibility research.

Even after thorough research I have found myself many times in a situation where a property is not as accessible as it appeared (or claimed to be) on its website. It has been well known that Hotel Photography can be misleading and camera angles can be used to make be a space appear wider than it actually is which can be hugely problematic as a wheelchair user. The fact however that Hotel photography lacks the visual information included within a 3D Floor Plan.

The practical ease of using 3D Visuals during the booking process is of particular personal interest to me. Photo-realistic 3D Floor Plans made to scale are so exact that guests who require accessible accommodation can book in confidence knowing that on arrival they will be able to enjoy their stay – whether travelling alone or with family and friends – and with the same level of dignity and independence that everyone else can take for granted. One 3D floor plan provides a wheelchair users more visual information than might be contained in twenty or thirty photographs. This aids the decision making process when it comes to booking a room or suite. Our goal at Visrez to make the process of generating photo-realistic 3D Visuals as efficient and cost effective as possible for our clients.

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