New Builder Features Live in February

by Donal Martin 3D

No more clicking around to find the diagram you need. Now you can view all plans created by the entire team on the new Builder page.

Builder Page


Just click on the plan you want to edit and load it directly from the main builder page.


New Spacing Tools

New spacing features have been added to the main menu. Simply highlight the objects and use the + & – options to increase or decrease the object spacing

Spacing Tools

Autosave Diagrams

Autosave is now live and will save & recover changes to your diagrams in the background as you create plans.

Auto Save

New Hot Keys

New Keyboard Shortcuts have activated to speed up the diagramming process

  • Double Click to select
  • Delete Key to delete
  • CTRL + A to select all
  • CTRL + C to copy
  • CTRL + V to paste
  • CTRL + Z to undo
  • CTRL + S to save
  • CTRL + X to remove
  • Arrow Keys to move selected items
  • A to Open Add New Menu
  • S to select Object
  • M to move
  • D to duplicate
  • R to rotate
  • H to replace

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