The Pfister Hotel Milwaukee – 1926 to 2014

by Nicky Morrogh 3D



When the Pfister Hotel opened in 1893 it was billed as the “Grand Hotel of the West,” and was the most lavish of its time. Costing nearly $1 million; it featured groundbreaking innovations such as: fireproofing, electricity and thermostats in every room. In 1962 it was purchased by Movie Theatre chain operator Ben Marcus and today it is still operated by the Marcus Hotel Corporation

We were contacted by the Marcus Hotels & Resorts, a division of The Marcus Corporation, to produce 3D Floorplans for the 7th Floor Events Space at the Pfister Hotel. They asked if we had worked with historical floor plans, as The Pfister’s plans dated back to 1926. We were so excited to view the vintage drawings produced almost a century ago.

We could appreciate first hand the attention to detail required to produce such drawings by hand. We wanted to give these historic floor plans a digital life, so we decided to produce a full 3D Replica of the Hotel. The classic exterior facade was recreated, floor by floor, along with The Pfister Tower section of the hotel, built in the 1960s.  Our team experimented with light settings to create both day & night visuals. The end result is a stunning 3D replica of this historic hotel delivered in an app for the client site which allows the user to navigate all the meetings and events spaces at the Pfister Hotel with ease.


At Marcus Hotels & Resorts, we’re always on the lookout for new technology that will enhance our guest experience and our online presence. Visrez is a fantastic solution for showcasing The Pfister’s meeting space in a user friendly, responsive format. Visrez was able to translate the historic tradition of The Pfister Hotel into a modern tool, useful to today’s modern meeting and wedding planners.

Chaz Rzeplinski | Director of Ecommerce – Marcus Hotels & Resorts




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