Visrez Serves 1,000 Clients Worldwide

Visrez, the hospitality industry’s leading provider of 3D Visualisation tools has scaled to serve one thousand clients worldwide. The Dublin, Ireland based company provides a 3D alternative to on-site photography and its’ products include 3D Event Diagramming, Virtual Reality and Interactive Maps.

Visrez has solved the problem of how to capture visual assets on-site and the company is widely regarded as one of the finest innovations of its’ kind. Traditional hotel or venue photo-shoots require planning, preparation and room block outs. Working with Visrez means no site visits, room set-ups or photo-shoots required on property. Hotel staff can upload reference photos taken with a phone and the assets are created digitally with revisions and feedback processed through the Visrez platform.  The photo-realistic assets generated by Visrez can be delivered in multiple formats such as VR, Event Diagrams, Interactive Plans, Interior Renders and 3D Tours. Once a hotel space has been created by Visrez it can be updated. So when a space gets renovated or refreshed, the visual assets can be updated to match the new interior even before it is completed. Perhaps the reason why a thousand hotels worldwide have opted to ‘Visrez’ their spaces.