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by Nicky Morrogh 3D

VR is a truly powerful sales platform which will revolutionise how event spaces are presented to customers. The only limitation is that not every consumer owns a VR headset at present. Big news however came recently when Google announced that the latest version of Chrome will support VR on the web, allowing users to enjoy VR content on any device using Chrome. This will make VR accessible to more consumers because it can be experienced in the browser without any installed app which is a huge step forward for growth of consumer VR products.

Our team have been working on a WebVR viewer for event spaces for some time because of the huge potential as a sales tool for meeting & event spaces.

Imagine being able to present any space in photo-realistic quality VR without needing to arrange a photo-shoot or set-up a room. Everything is created from assets uploaded to Visrez by your team. WebVR can be available 24/7 to allow your customers interact with your spaces when selecting a venue. The Visrez VR allows your customers to switch set-up styles, positions and lighting options inside in the space as if they are standing in the room.



Now imagine standing in an empty room with a client and being able to demonstrate the same room in any style in photo-realistic VR on your mobile phone.  As you rotate the phone it corresponds exactly with the actual space you are in. You can switch set-up styles, change position or even dim the lights on your phone to give an accurate sense of what the room looks like when set-up.  In Visrez every space has its own unique URL which allows you to email any room with all the set-up styles and options to your client which they can experience in on their mobile or desktop without the need to install any custom application.

Here is a recording of how our WebVR products work on a mobile:



To test this on your phone you can use this link.

This revolutionary sales tool can be created by Visrez with no-site visits or photo-shoots required.  Once VR has been created it can be updated at any time as the spaces get renovated. This means that when you order a new carpet or banquet chairs the VR can be updated to match the changes without significant cost. It is this flexibility which makes WebVR such an effective sales tool which can revolutionise how venues present their spaces to customers online and in person.

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