Visrez VR - A Revolutionary Product

Share Event Spaces in multiple Set-Up Styles, Capacities and Lighting Options.  
Put clients inside a space virtually with a revolutionary visualisation tool.

No Site Visits or Photo-Shoots required and Visrez VR can be updated at any time.  

banquet Multiple Set-Up Styles

Visrez VR allows the user to switch between set-up styles inside the space.

Multiple Room Capacities

Visrez VR can include multiple capacity options for each set-up style.

Switch Light Settings

Visrez VR can present multiple lighting options for each set-up style.

Experience Visrez VR on any device..


WebVR Experience including multiple set-up styles, room capacities and lighting options.

  •  Includes 3D Floor Plans
  •  Any Three Set-Up Styles
  •  Two Capacities Per Style
  •  Two Lighting Options
  •  WebVR & Oculus App


14 Day Turnaround

Includes Hosting & Support

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