Why Photo-Realistic Floorplans are not Photographs

by Nicky Morrogh 3D

A recent request from a client showed while 3D Floorplans may be photo-realistic they are not photographs. When the client in question first viewed the 3D Floorplans we had created for their suites, they were delighted. They said they were 100% realistic, every detail and dimension was exact.  Small revisions were carried out and soon their 3D Floorplans were ready to go on their site.  A few weeks later we received an another request from the client:

“Visually the 3D Floorplans represent our rooms accurately but we were wondering is there any way to alter them to convey a more luxury experience similar to our photography” 

To us it seemed they had missed the point but we understood where they were coming from. We pointed out to the client that the USP of a 3D Floorplan was that it offered an alternative to their beautifully staged photographs and altering them would be counter-intuitive.  Hotel Photography particularly at the luxury end of the market is about maximising the space through lighting and staging. Often professional photographs are so good they are no longer a true reflection of the room. From a marketer’s perspective it is understandable to present a  product in the most compelling way but the question remains whether this is what the customer wants.  On the other hand a 3D Floorplan can answer questions in ways which photographs cannot and provides a clear overview of any space far better than a highly staged photograph.

While our 3D Floorplans are designed to be Photo-Realistic they are NOT Photographs and the client was not comparing like with like.  They are a complimentary product which provides customers with a objective view of a suite.  They are a great conversion tool because they allow customers to examine a space in detail and speed up the decision making process.











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