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by Nicky Morrogh 3D

According to the Wall St Journal, many industries now rely more on 3D images than traditional photographs for marketing content. For example, 80% of images in automotive advertising campaigns today are 3D and just 20% are real photographs, ten years ago the figures were reversed.  IKEA the furniture giant switched its’ image production over to 3D because of the cost savings and benefits and most of the images now featured in their catalogs are 3D renders and not real photos.

When it comes to Hotel marketing, computer generated images are a game changer both creatively and commercially. 3D can provide hotels with compelling sales tools which could not be created using traditional photography. Top down views can be shown to customers when booking a suite. Meeting planners can inspect an entire floor using a full photorealistic 3D Floorplan.  The practical benefits aren’t bad either, no photo-shoots or rooms to set-up and 3D models can be updated again and again.  Order a new Carpet for your ballroom – No Problem, the 3D images can be updated before the new carpet gets fitted in the ballroom.

Below is a reference photo taken by a client with their phone and uploaded to our system.


And now here is our 3D Render of the same ballroom.


Below is another reference photo uploaded by a client.


and here is our 3D Render of the same ballroom.


The diagram below is actually of a swimming pool area.

unnamed (7)

And here is our 3D Foorplan of the same pool area.



This is a CAD File of a bedroom suite.


Here is our 3D Floorplan of the same suite.


Another CAD file for a larger suite.

unnamed (2)

Top Down View of the same suite.

unnamed (3)

Here is a CAD export of a Penthouse Suite


This is our 3D Floorplan of the same penthouse suite.

Conrad Pezula 3D Floorplan

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