Building Custom Stages & Dancefloors just got easier

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

A question often asked by Visrez users was how to create custom dancefloors or stages to specific dimensions in their event floor plans. The good news is you no longer have to find the exact size object in the Visrez library or assemble smaller objects together because we have released a new new tool which allows you to build any size stage or dancefloor just using your mouse. It is really to cool to see a stage or dancefloor created to any size just using your mouse with the dimensions displayed as you build the object.

Creating Custom Dancefloors using the builder tool.

Switch Social Spacing Off

As social distancing restrictions begin to ease our team have enhanced the event set up tools to make distancing optional in your 3D Event plans. Users can decide whether to apply social distancing in each space without having to adjust the object spacing in the plans. This will speed up the event creation process by allowing you to apply standard spacing or social distancing settings on a per space basis for specific styles. Hopefully we will soon see the end of social distancing requirements as the industry recovers globally.

Set Blocks, Aisles & Rows

One of the issues was users could not easily set a specific number of chairs per row and apply a fixed aisle spacing. This is now available in the builder allowing you to quickly set number of chairs per row, aisle spacing and repeating rows.

User Interface Updates

Our team have made a number of improvements to the User Interface of the builder. Airwall controls moved to the sidebar for spaces with more than 10 airwalls. Objects summary breakdown in the sidebar now displays each object rather than the category. You can also now open a new empty space from inside the builder rather than from the platform only so if you are in a plan and want to create a new one from scratch starting with an empty space just click on the New> Empty Space option.

Client Collaboration Is Coming Soon

In the mid-summer, we will be updating permissions in Visrez to allow users to share event plans with outside partners and team members. This is an exciting update as it will be the first time clients can give partners access to their Visrez accounts to allow them to collaborate on specific plans. Users will be able to invite other team members and third parties to work on shared plans in Visrez.

Online Learning Center Launching Soon

With the collaboration update we will be updating the client backend with more video tutorials to help your team master the Floor Plan Builder in your own time. We appreciate that getting teams together for in-person training is not ideal so our team is working on a suite of new video tutorials to help users to understand their Visrez accounts work and how to get started with the Floor Plan Builder tools.

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