Event Planner Collaboration live in Visrez

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

Event planners and third party partners can now be invited to your team’s Visrez account with permission to edit shared event plans. This update allows Visrez users to collaborate with event planning partners and third party vendors in real time on any diagram. Partners can be invited to plans by any team member and once registered will have have access to all the plans shared with them across the account. Partners have restricted access and cannot add furniture from the Visrez library or view other areas of the account. 

How to invite Event Planners to Visrez

Adding a new partner can be done on the homepage of your account simply by registering the partner’s email address.  Once the partner has been added to the account, plans can be shared with them using the Share > Partner option in the builder. Clicking on Share > Partner opens a right sidebar where you can select the partner (s) from a list just like team members. When a new partner is invited they will receive an email notification to complete their registration on Visrez.  

Event plans shared with outside partners now feature the ‘Partner Icon’ on the /plans page so users can tell that the plan is shared with an outside partner. Managing Partners can be done from the Team section of your company’s Visrez account if you need to disable a partners access or add a new partner.

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 New – Search Panel on Library Objects

Our team have also added a new search option on the library objects inside the builder so when you are working in a plan and need to find an object in the collection you can search at the top of the panel. This will help users to find objects quicker as you won’t need to click between numerous categories.

G2 Review Fall 2021

We are delighted to have been recognized again in the Event Planning category by the G2 Software Review site. Throughout the year our team has been focused on releasing superb monthly updates to the Floor Plan Builder and the user reviews it has received are proof that our users really love creating and sharing 3D event plans using Visrez Floor Plan Builder.

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