Exporting Diagrams

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

The Floor Plan Builder has many export options including PDF, PNG and Shareable links. Once you have created your plan click ‘Share‘ and choose the format you want to export. The Floor Plan Builder generates three views of each plan to present the space from both sides and directly overhead. In the PDF options window you can unselect any of the views so your export can include all three views, two or one view.

The PDF exports display the name of the team member who produced the diagram below the equipment list icons. This provides a useful contact reference in each plan when distributed to clients and internal set-up teams. Creation date is not included in the PDF as this information is already in the platform.

The user can click on the diagram in the PDF and it will load the shareable link for that plan in a new window. The breakdown of furniture used in the plans is also linked to the clients collection so your customer can get a preview of the table sets, props and objects to be used in their event.