Camera Controls

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

We recommend using a mouse with a scroll wheel when working with the Floor Plan Builder. The mouse wheel is use to zoom in / out of a model. If you are using a touchpad instead of a mouse you can use the slider in the bottom menu to zoom in and out. A model can be rotated 360 degrees by clicking and holding the left mouse button and then moving your mouse.

Zoom In and Out of a floorplan model using the scroll wheel on your mouse or using the slider in the bottom menu.

Holding the right mouse button and moving the mouse allows you to pan the camera view in any direction. This gives you the sense of moving through the space as if you are walking it. This can also be done by holding CTRL + Left Mouse Button. Using the CTRL key and the mouse allows you to navigate to any spot on the plan for an up-close view.

By using all the controls above together you can quickly move to any point in the plan or position the model at a good angle to add objects.

Before you create your first layout we would suggest playing around with the camera controls before so that you understand the difference between moving the model and changing the camera position. Learning to switch between these two will greatly speed up the diagramming process.

Builder Background Color Switch

To change the background theme from Day to Night there is a Lightbulb icon in the Top Right Hand corner of the builder. This switch can be activated by clicking on the bulb icon to set your preference for a black or white background adding more ‘natural’ light through the windows.

The daylight option allows spaces which have windows to let in more natural light into the spaces as you can see in this event space model.