Text, Notes & Numbers

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

The text tool is located at the bottom of the Left side menu which opens a panel on the right which allows you to add notes, assign table numbers or directional onto your plans. This is a great way to mark up the plans with notes before sharing with clients for approval.

To add notes you click on any point on the floor plan and then write the notes in the text box on the side. Font style, color and size can be adjusted using in the sidebar and you can set the text box background color to ensure sufficient contrast against the floor material so it stands out.

You can reposition or rotate the on-plan text using the icons on the outside of the text box. This allows you to quickly rotate or move the text to a new position in your floor plan diagram. Text can be wrapped onto multiple lines by reducing the width of the box using the arrow icons on the right.

Drawing Tool

One way traffic is key to hosting safer events and the arrow tool allows clients to mark directional arrows onto event plans to differentiate between entry and exit points in larger spaces. This tool works in a similar way to the spacing feature, just click on the model and drag the arrow to save it onto the floor plan. This is a great way to mark out one way systems for larger event spaces and include the arrows in your PDFs and shared plans.

Directional arrows allow you to indicate the flow of traffic in an event diagram to differentiate between entry and exits.

Numbering Tool

The Table Numbering Tool allows you to manually select the table numbers in any plan or assigning them automatically. Using the custom option you can select table numbers by hand with your mouse by dragging the cursor over the tables and numbers are assigned in the sequence as you do it.

Once you have assigned numbers either automatically or by hand they are saved onto the tables in each plan.