Activating Spaces on Visrez

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

To get an event space set up on Visrez it needs to be recreated in 3D by the Visrez team. This process is quick and can begin once we get enough reference assets to be able to model the space accurately.

To fully understand the space we require a blueprint or diagram along with reference photos

Professional standard photographs are not necessary.

Reference photos can be taken with a phone.

Event spaces do not need to be set-up or cleared.

Make sure to upload the original shots rather than reducing them.

If a Virtual or 360 Tour exists just include the link to it and our team can use this instead.

We recommend to take photos from every corner or if it is an outdoor space please take from the boundaries.

You can also include professional shots or Virtual Tours or Videos if those assets are available.

Video Guides

How to take event space reference shots

Carpet Reference Shots

Wall Reference Shots

Outdoor View Reference Shots

Alongside reference photos we require a blueprint or diagram so that our team can produce a correctly scaled model of the event space. It is really important that the model is built to scale so that your builder diagrams are accurate and capacities match.

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