Spacing & Distances

Floor Plan Builder

The manul spacing tools allow users to space objects as a group once they are added to the diagram. Single or Group objects can be spaced in any direction using the Spacing tool in the main left side menu. To start just select the group of objects you want to space. Then you can use the Direction arrows and increase or decrease spacing by clicking on the + or – icons in the menu. To change direction just toggle the arrows. Please note that Left + Right and Up + Down depends on the orientation of the model. With each click the builder increases or decreases 25cm so 2m is 8 clicks.

Measuring Distances

The distances tool located in the left side menu allows you to check distances between objects in builder diagrams. By clicking two points on the diagram you can measure the clearance between those objects.

Show / Hide Measurements

Measurements are included by default in PDF and PNG exports and shown in Shareable links. To switch off measurements you can use the Show / Hide icon which is located in the bottom horizontal menu beside the screenshot.

How to Delete Measurements

If you want to delete measurements totally from a plan you need to select the circles on the top of the Measurement lines and delete. Please note you will need to have the measurement tool activated to delete.

Align Tools

The Align tool allows users to correct the object alignment with one click as long as the objects are no more than 25% out of synch with each other.

Align & Distribute

Align and distribute corrects the alignment and justifies the spacing between all selected objects in a line.