Space Renovations

by Rushi Alhaiat Virtual Reality

One of the aspects clients love about Visrez is that because our products are created digitally they can be updated to match any future renovations. This means that if new chairs or carpets are ordered for the ballroom your Visrez tools can be modified even before the furniture arrives on site. This is why partnering with Visrez means future-proofing your digital assets for the long term. Once a set of Visrez models exists there is no need to budget for a new photoshoot. You can update the models to match the new interior design (or furniture) and apply this to the Virtual Reality or Floor Plan Builder.

Hilton Vienna – Renovation
The New York Hilton Midtown – New Chairs
The Four Seasons, Washington DC – Renovation
The Waldorf Astoria, Orlando – Renovation
The Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek – Renovation
The Ritz-Carlton, Georgetown – New Carpet

Partnering with Visrez

Renovations big or small are covered under the annual license which means that once the VR has been produced any future update is covered without charge. This is why partnering with Visrez is a smart decision for hotels, convention centers and venues Worldwide because they are futureproofing their digital sales assets for the long term. In addition the fact that these assets are generated without having to prepare the spaces or schedule a photo-shoot or even have a team come on site is what sets Visrez apart.

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