The Visrez Library

by Nicky Morrogh Floor Plan Builder

The Visrez library contains over one thousand five hundred 3D objects which can be used in your Floor Plan Builder diagrams. Our goal is to create the industry’s largest free resource of photorealistic 3D objects and props exclusively for Visrez Floor Plan Builder clients.

How It Works

Users can add library objects to their collections at any time and there is no limit to the number you can have in your collection. Visrez library objects are available to all builder clients and new objects are added weekly. Custom object requests for individual clients are added to the Visrez library first and added from their to client collection. The Visrez library is expanding with new categories and objects all the time and custom requests can be made through the help section of our account.

On each thumbnail there is a + button to add that object to your collection. Where you see a grey icon below a thumbnail this indicates that the object is available with alternate styles, seating capacities or color options. Dimensions are included in the object summary so you can tell whether it is a 5ft or 6ft round or the exact size of a stage or dancefloor before adding to your collection.

Round Set with multiple capacity options:

Pipe & Drape in multiple colors:

Dancefloor in multiple colors:

As objects are added from the Visrez library they appear in your collection with a number displayed beside each category. To remove objects from your collection just uncheck them on the preview screen and they will no longer appear in the My Collection section.

My Collection objects appear in the Builder library menu:


If you add a new object to your collection while you are working in the builder you will need to refresh before that object appears in the collection. This is because the library is cached so it needs to be reloaded to include recently added objects.

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