Virtual Reality Glasses

by Nicky Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a superb way of demonstrating your event spaces at trade-shows, exhibitions and in person events. Visrez can provide your team with the hardware so that your sales team can take the spaces with them and place planners and clients directly inside the event spaces. Visrez is an accredited Oculus Developer allowing us to distribute our products remotely via the Oculus Store. We ship the VR hardware with the App installed and can make updates remotely at any time via the Oculus store. For in person events you can pair the VR hardware to a large screen allowing other users to watch as the user experiences your spaces in VR. This is an excellent way of generating interest at a tradeshow or in-person event allowing others to watch the VR in real time.

Immersive Experiences

These are video recordings from inside the the VR glasses of a user interacting with the spaces. Ambient sound is optional.

Partnering with Visrez

Working with Visrez means giving your sales team the tools they need to succeed and future-proofing your digital assets for the long term. This is the reason why over one thousand hotels, resorts and convention centers Worldwide are now on the Visrez platform.

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