Outdoor Spaces

by Rushi Alhaiat Virtual Reality

Anyone who has ever worked in events knows the work involved to prepare and stage an outdoor venue for event. Doing all this setup work for a photo-shoot is rarely undertaken due to staffing and photography costs associated. Virtual Reality is a superb way to give customers a site visit and can work really well for outdoor spaces. Visrez solves the problem of creating visual assets on site makes it possible to create event visuals without moving any furniture. This is why Visrez 3D Visualisation is such a superb solution for hotels, resorts, venues and convention centers because the assets are produced digitally with no set-ups or photo-shoots required.

Assets for Outdoor VR

With indoor spaces such as ballrooms our team can control what the viewer can see to a certain extent. The key difference between indoor and outdoor VR is that outdoors the entire panorama needs to be created in 3D. Unlike with an exterior view from a window we need to create the entire view which can be quite challenging. As you can see in these examples this can involve buildings, beaches, lawns and more so we require plenty of reference shots of the outdoor spaces.

External Views – Day

To add outside views for indoor spaces we require reference assets for that view which are then composited into the 3D model and then optimized during post-production. The results are stunning and impossible to tell the difference between what is real and what is computer generated in the scene. Adding external views to the VR brings makes the experience even more realistic and truly brings the venue to life. As you can see in the example below everything from the terrace back is a 3D model but the view of the city of Rome is from actual panorama shots taken by the hotel team.

External Views – Night

Allowing the user to switch between day & night views is another superb feature of the VR tool because it give the client the ability to demonstrate multiple event settings. A daytime conference event can be switched out for an evening banquet to simulate how a full day program can be staged at the venue. In the below example the client has provided both day & night exterior views from their ballroom.

Partnering with Visrez

Partnering with Visrez means giving your team the sales tools to succeed and future-proofing your digital assets for the long term. Visrez does not require on-site visits, room set-ups or professional photoshoots as our products are created from reference photos taken by clients. This is why over one thousand hotels, resorts and convention centers Worldwide are on the Visrez platform.

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