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An easy to use Interactive Property Map Builder for Resorts, Convention Venues and Destinations.

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Visrez Interactive Map Builder

Visrez map builder is used by resorts, convention venues and destinations to create engaging interactive maps which can be added to a website and shared with clients.

Full Map Editing Tools

Anyone can create and maintain an interactive map using Visrez map builder. Everything is editable in the back-end and our team provides training and support to all client accounts.

Photo Galleries

Visrez Interactive Maps can feature photos and videos from any source. This flexibility ensures that a Visrez Interactive map never goes out of date and is a futureproof asset for your team.

Virtual Tours & Videos

Matterport Virtual Tours can be added to the maps by pasting the Tour link into the page editor. Visrez Interactive Maps support all Virtual Tour formats allowing you to utilise all visual assets in the map.

Website Integration

Adding a Visrez interactive Map to your website is so simple. Just paste the code into your page with all changes appearing automatically in your site when saved in Visrez.

Copy & Clone Maps

Visrez Interactive Maps can be copied to create unlimited bespoke maps for groups or events without affecting your website map. This allows sales teams to share customised maps for any group or event.

Use Any Basemap Image

Visrez supports any basemap format allowing users to build interactive maps on top of illustrations, 2D graphics or drone photographs. Anyone can create an interactive map using their own assets with Visrez map builder.

Open Buildings & Floors

Opening up a building to show how the spaces flow together gives users a unique perspective which cannot be achieved using other visual formats.

Create Location Maps

Visrez Map Builder comes with an integration with OpenStreet Maps which allows users to pinpoint local attractions and amenities within the sales tool.

The attention to detail which goes into Visrez products is what makes it such a unique and exceptional platform. It is clear the team behind these products is the best in the business.

Suzanne Stephan
Director of Marketing
  • Interactive Map Builder Guide

How to Add Markers

Learn how to add branded markers to maps and build out the internal map pages with visual content.

How to Copy a Map

Creating & Sharing unique maps for specific groups or events can be done with one click in your account.

How to Add Photos

Visrez Map Builder interface can be learnt by anyone in a few minutes without any technical knowledge.

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