Visrez Interactive Maps

Interactive property maps are one of the most useful tools to research a leisure or conference destination as they provide users with a visual overview of the amenities along with a list of room types, event spaces, food, beverage and leisure options. Visrez Map Builder allows clients to generate their own Interactive Property Maps including markers, pages and visual assets with an easy to use editor to manage the application.

Markers and Pages

Users can add branded markers to the maps by opening the editor and clicking to add the marker. Pins can link to internal pages to allow users to learn more or tour the spaces in full screen. Our intuitive map builder interface is easy to use and training is provided by the Visrez team once the interactive map is ready.

To add a marker activate Edit Mode from the top left corner button and then click anywhere on the map to drop a marker onto the map. The Undo and Redo options are under below.

Visual Assets

Once a marker has been created click on it to open edit options. You can set a Model, Name, Description, Visual (Thumbnail), and Video link, in Category you can either choose from the dropdown menu or create a new one. Images can be added by copying the URL code of the image and pasting it under Visual. To add videos copy the URL code of a video and paste it into Videos.

A lot of time and money goes into the production of photos, videos and virtual tours so we wanted to ensure that Visrez clients could use all their visual assets within the property map. Users can add YouTube videos, Matterport Virtual Tours or any other media content easily to the interactive maps just by pasting the code into the back end.

Users can paste in Matterport Virtual Tours or Visrez Tours into the Tour Field for any event space.

Walkthrough videos can be added to the Interactive Map just by inserting the video link in the page.

Map Navigation

Categories can be created and organized in the main menu using a simple drag & drop editor. Menu Images can be uploaded or linked from a URL into the editor. Visrez Interactive Map Builder has an icon library to allow users to choose an appropriate icon for each category in the menu.

Image Maps

Visrez works with any source map format, ideal for clients who wish to utilise existing assets. Accounts which do not require 3D map production can be activated at a lower cost. To use an existing map file it must be a minimum of 6k pixels resolution and can be uploaded directly to Visrez once your property has been set up.

Geographic Maps

Give users relevant location information using a built-in OpenStreetMap without displaying competitor information or unrelated business in your website. All the marker pins can be copied onto an OpenStreetMap application within the interactive map. This can be loaded in the layers tool which lets users switch between the property or resort map and geographical map which does not track user activity in your site.

New maps can be created at any time with branded markers on a geographic map so say for example your team wanted to create a unique map showing landmarks or local attractions this can be easily done by clicking on New Map in Visrez. Each account can have unlimited maps so you can generate any number of guest maps which can include galleries, videos and virtual tours. These are a great way to communicate location or suggested trips and can be shared or embedded in a website. Below is an example of local landmarks map of Rome built out by a client in Visrez.

3D Rendered Maps

Visrez 3D resort maps are widely regarded as the the best in the business thanks to their photorealistic detail. A 3D interactive map is guaranteed to showcase any property superbly well. 3D Map production can take a few weeks and this guide explains the process in detail. Before our team can get started we need to understand the boundaries of the resort and become familiar with all buildings and amenities. A resort scheme or layout diagram is very helpful in this case. In the example, on the left we have the basic scheme diagram provided by the client and the completed 3D map on the right.

Pre-Openings & Renovations

Visrez has generated hundreds of resort maps for clients worldwide including projects at concept stage, pre-openings or renovations and upgrades. Once a set of models exist in Visrez they can be modified at any time. This is what makes Visrez such a smart choice for hotels, resorts and convention centers because your team will always have the most up to date visual assets to generate sales.

Map Creation & Revisions

Any available blueprints, pdf,cad or revit file of the buildings is useful to correctly create the 3D models. Drawings (floor plans, section or elevations) give us clear information and help us complete the resort much faster. In these examples you can see how Visrez generates photorealistic 3D Resort Maps and building models using the technical drawings provided by clients for resorts of all sizes.

Renovations & Updates

Clients using Visrez Interactive Map Builder have expressed their satisfaction with its features and have given us valuable feedback to further improve it. We are constantly striving to make the best products to present your property. A roadmap of enhancements will be added to the interactive map builder in monthly platform releases and with all Visrez products there are no paid upgrades or additional fees. We maintain the same code across all client accounts because this makes it easier to provide excellent customer support.

Copying Maps

Visrez Interactive Maps can be copied to create unlimited bespoke maps for groups or events without affecting your website map. This allows teams to build customised client maps during the venue selection and planning process. For example if you want to create a new map for a group event you can clone an existing map in your account and edit that map with information relating just to that group or event.

Website Integration

Adding an interactive map to a site is easily done by copying the embed code from Visrez and pasting it into the source code of your page. In your Map settings you can control whether the first menu section is opened or closed when the map loads. Visrez Maps can also load with a single marker displaying if you want to highlight just one marker when the map loads, for example in a villa rental or property site where you may want the map across many different pages but showing just one marker per page upon loading.


Standard Interactive maps can use images, graphics or photos as the basemap and can be activated right away. If a 3D Map is required this is produced by our team and takes a bit longer depending on the size of the property or venue. In the pricing table below the 3D Map cost is for a medium to large 3D resort map. Smaller single property 3D maps can be produced at a lower rate. Each interactive map option includes a full build-out by the Visrez team and when the map is built we will train clients on all on how to manage their interactive map. Our support team is on hand to provide any assistance once the map goes live and all future map features go automatically into every client account with no additional fees.

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