September Floor Plan Builder Release


In this month’s release we have added a right sidebar to the Floor Plan Builder to provide space for notes, dates and description. The sidebar is activated from a settings icon in the top right hand corner and allows users to add internal notes, change dates and displays a list of the objects & props used in the event plan. Currently this information is not displayed on shared links but we will activate this option in a future release so notes can be shared with clients if required.

New Arrows Tool in the Builder

One way traffic is key to hosting safer events and the new arrow tool allows clients to mark directional arrows onto event plans to differentiate between entry and exit points in larger spaces. This tool works in a similar way to the spacing feature, just click on the model and drag the arrow to save it onto the floor plan. This is a great way to mark out one way systems for larger event spaces and include the arrows in your PDFs and shared plans.

New Panel in Client Dashboard

The new panel in the client dashboard is an easy way to view the number of builder diagrams by event space. Each space is color coded and the top bar displays the number of event plans created across all spaces in each Visrez account. Clicking on the event space displays the total number of plans created for that space and loads the builder page with that space pre-filtered. This is a handy way to review the total number of plans created by team members for all event spaces.

Contact Person in PDF Exports

The PDF exports now display the name of the team member who produced the diagram below the equipment list icons. This provides a useful contact reference in each plan when distributed to clients and internal set-up teams. Creation date is not included in the PDF as this information is already in the platform.



Visrez Library Updates

Our team has improved the Visrez library with many new objects across multiple categories and each section now displays the most recently added objects first. Finding the right object is even easier with the introduction of a landing page showing the number of models within each category. New objects are being uploaded to the library all the time and our goal is to create the largest 3D object library of its kind exclusively for Floor Plan Builder users. The Visrez archive contains thousands of models which will be added to the builder library over the coming months.


New Background Colour Switch

No matter how well we light the models (and our team do a superb job) some spaces can appear darker as external light sources cannot be placed outside the windows as they would appear in the builder floor plans. The canvas background in the builder was making some rooms appear darker so we implemented a switch which allows users to change the background canvas to white. This switch can be activated by clicking on the bulb icon in the top right hand corner to set your preference for a black or white background adding more ‘natural’ light through the windows.

In the October Builder Release

Looking forward to the October release when we will be introducing a totally enhanced Spacing Tool along with other features and a new Visrez website.  The feedback the builder has received over the past few months has genuinely amazed us.  Floor Plan Builder is helping clients all over to World to secure future events business during the most challenging time in history for this industry. After years of producing static 3D Floor Plans it is very rewarding to see events being planned around the World using the Builder software and we are really excited by the potential of the product.

New Hotkeys, Loading Screens & Distances


No more switching in/out of the menu options as Hotkeys can now be used to activate each of the main builder functions. These new shortcut keys speed up the diagramming process significantly making for much easier user experience with the builder. A full list of the hotkeys is available in the Help Section located in the Top Right Corner. Feedback has been really positive as once you know the key for each tool you can create and modify 3D event diagrams in half the time it used to take, according to Visrez users.   


A summary of all the Hotkeys is available in the Help section in your account.

Branded Loading Screens

This month we added the option to display client branding on the shareable links which means that when you share a builder plan your brand is displayed rather than the Floor Plan Builder logo. This guarantees a great first impression will be made when sharing builder diagrams with clients and event planners. Our team will be extending this feature to improve the branding in the PDF exports in our July release. 


New loaders look great on mobile devices too.



Displaying Distances on Shared Plans

A must-have feature these days as planners and clients need to ensure sufficient social distancing measures are in place for all events.  Our team updated the measurement tool so that distances are displayed on the shared links by default. This means that when a client loads a shared plan the distances between multiple tables or chairs is displayed automatically and can be switched off by clicking on the measurement icon in the bottom menu.  There is no limit to the number of distances which can be displayed on the shared plans and these are automatically included in PDF exports also. 


Distances can be displayed between multiple objects within each diagram.  You may also notice the exterior view in the plan below, more is to come on this in the July release.

Visrez Library New Categories Added

Our team has been busy with the Visrez library and a considerable number of new 3D objects have been added to the library in June. Also, you will notice the objects menu inside the builder now scrolls vertically with an improved thumbnail background on each 3D object.  We added new categories such as Exhibition, Audio Visual and Catering and will expand each category with more 3D objects in the coming months. Our goal is to create the largest 3D Model library of its kind so that Visrez clients can add any possible object to their event plans.        

Here is the Exhibition Category from the Visrez Library.

Floor Plan Builder – New Layout Creator


We are always looking for new ways to improve the experience our clients have with our products. We are currently working on a new set of tools within the floorplan builder which will substantially reduce the time it takes to create a new event plan. The new layout creator will allow a user to create a base layout at the point when a new layout is created.

New Layout

When creating a new layout there is a new option to select a template style to get started.


Selecting Objects

After a style is selected the user will then be prompted to select an object from the library which is related to that style chosen.

After selecting the desired object the user is presented with a simple set of options to create a base layout template.

  • Enter the capacity
  • Select the layout arrangement in length and width
  • Choose from the arrangement style
  • Select the distance between objects, standard, social distancing, or choose a custom distance using the slider.

Inserting the Layout

After clicking create just click on in the space to place the generated layout.


In this example, I create a theatre-style layout using suitable for post-covid-19 social distancing recommendations in less than a minute.