New Automatic Spacing Tool Released

by Donal Martin Floor Plan Builder

Creating socially distanced event plans is the first step to getting clients back into hosting in-person meetings and events at your venue. Setting the distance between objects in an event plan is easier with the new update of the Floor Plan Builder spacing tool. This now allows users to automatically space a group of objects by setting the exact distance (in Meters, CM, Feet or Inches) in the new spacing sidebar. This will greatly speed up the process of creating socially distanced event plans allowing you to demonstrate that social distancing protocols are observed at their event.

How it works: 

Select the objects you want to space

Click on the Spacing icon in the left side menu

Select a Direction and input a distance in m/ cm / ft / f / in

Hit Apply Spacing

Measurement markings no longer need to be deleted one by one and can be removed with one click in the Measurements Tab of the Spacing Side Bar. Deleting measurement markings one by one was a source of frustration for users and now you can remove all markings at once. With the situation improving around the World the industry is finally starting to see more demand for events. The feedback from clients is the Floor Plan Builder is a great asset for their sales teams, helping clients to visualize and plan future events.

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