New 3D Floor Plan Sharing Tools

We have released new sharing tools to make it easier to integrate 3D Floor Plans with your website. The new embed tool allow clients to create customised iFrames which can include all views for any model.  For Guestrooms & Suites this means you can generate an iframe code with the zoom tool with all three views which can be embedded in your site.



For Meeting & Event Spaces you can include Floor Plan Views, Layout Views and Interior Visuals if they have been produced for a model in Visrez. Using the options menu you can choose which views to include in the iframe and the system generates the code immediately.


Multiple Display Sizes

The user can customise the display sizes in the options menu allowing you to choose between Small (1024 x 438) Medium (1024 x 768) or Large (1024 x 1024) Frame sizes depending on the available space in your page. All views load with the Magnifier tool and have buttons to switch between views.

Sharing & Downloads

Embed iframe contains Share & Download options which make it easier for your team to share a specific view with clients. 


On-Demand Styling

If a specific style is required for your brand we can create customised iframes. To discuss this option please contact us via the messages in your account.

Visrez VR – A Revolutionary Product

Imagine standing in an empty ballroom with a client and being able to demonstrate that space in any set-up style or capacity right on your phone. You can rotate the phone 360 degrees around the room and it displays perfectly in synch with the space. Visrez VR is a breakthrough product which gives users the ability to change set-up styles, capacities, positions and lighting in any event space. It can be embedded in a website and viewed without a plugin in any browser or mobile device.

Each VR has a shareable link which allows you to email spaces to clients to view on their desktops or mobile.

All of this is produced with No site visits, Photo-shoots or Room Set-Ups at the hotel.

Once created the VR can be updated as spaces are renovated or re-designed in the future.

Here is an example of the actual viewer in a page:

Rotatable 3D Building Models Launched

Hotels and resorts come in all shapes and sizes so one static view is not enough to present a building effectively to prospective clients. Visrez has developed an exciting new feature which allows 3D building models to be rotated 360 degrees in the browser. The Visrez platform can now generate rotatable exterior 3D models which incorporate over one hundred individual renders within our popular web-app. This exciting update allows users to spin the 3D building model to view from all angles. We can also include some landscaping and context elements in a smooth rotation which works equally well on desktop and mobile devices. The reaction to this update has been really positive with many clients saying how they had been looking for such a product for years. This can be added to a client site using a single line of code without any plug-in required by the end-user.

Here is an example of the historic Condado Vanderbilt Hotel in San Juan, Puerto Rico which incorporates its’ coastal location nicely into the web-app.

Visrez delivers ROI of 60:1 for Hilton Hotels

Hilton is the world’s leading hotel management company with 14 brands, 600+ managed properties, 169,000+ team members at managed properties and corporate offices worldwide. Visrez have worked in partnership with Hilton since 2014 to create thousands of photo-realistic 3D Floor Plans for Hilton Hotels globally. Hilton Management Services has recently featured Visrez 3D Floor Plans as one of their stand out E-Commerce Success Stories and published data on how 3D Floor Plans helped drive additional guest room revenue across the Hilton portfolio. This research points to significant consumer interest and increased engagement with 3D Floor Plans during the travel planning and booking process. This demonstrates that 3D Floor Plans are a great investment and should be included as part of your digital marketing strategy.


A full service Hilton Hotel in Florida generated a 60:1 Return on Investment with their 3D Floor Plans.

22% of visitors to the accommodation pages interacted directly with the 3D Floor plans.

Average session for pages with 3D Floor Plans was double that of pages without 3D Floor Plans.

Conversion rates of 2% were achieved with a higher ADR for all rooms with 3D Floor Plans.

Read more at Hilton Management Services

Here is a sample 3D Floor Plan from that featured property.


Hospitalitynet – VR for your Website is here

VR is a truly powerful sales platform which will revolutionise how event spaces are presented to customers. The only limitation is that not every consumer owns a VR headset at present. Big news however came recently when Google announced that the latest version of Chrome will support VR on the web, allowing users to enjoy VR content on any device using Chrome. This will make VR accessible to more consumers because it can be experienced in the browser without any installed app which is a huge step forward for growth of consumer VR products.

Our team have been working on a WebVR viewer for event spaces for some time because of the huge potential as a sales tool for meeting & event spaces.

Imagine being able to present any space in photo-realistic quality VR without needing to arrange a photo-shoot or set-up a room. Everything is created from assets uploaded to Visrez by your team. WebVR can be available 24/7 to allow your customers interact with your spaces when selecting a venue. The Visrez VR allows your customers to switch set-up styles, positions and lighting options inside in the space as if they are standing in the room.



Now imagine standing in an empty room with a client and being able to demonstrate the same room in any style in photo-realistic VR on your mobile phone.  As you rotate the phone it corresponds exactly with the actual space you are in. You can switch set-up styles, change position or even dim the lights on your phone to give an accurate sense of what the room looks like when set-up.  In Visrez every space has its own unique URL which allows you to email any room with all the set-up styles and options to your client which they can experience in on their mobile or desktop without the need to install any custom application.

Here is a recording of how our WebVR products work on a mobile:



To test this on your phone you can use this link.

This revolutionary sales tool can be created by Visrez with no-site visits or photo-shoots required.  Once VR has been created it can be updated at any time as the spaces get renovated. This means that when you order a new carpet or banquet chairs the VR can be updated to match the changes without significant cost. It is this flexibility which makes WebVR such an effective sales tool which can revolutionise how venues present their spaces to customers online and in person.

Create your own Floor Plans with Visrez Assets

We have been asked many times by clients if they can make their own plans using the assets developed by Visrez. We are delighted to announce an update which now makes this possible. From today every new Meeting & Event Space order will include the individual 3D assets such as banquet sets as separate downloadable files. This will allow clients to make their own floor plans using our photo-realistic 3D assets.  

Here is an overview of how this new update works:

Each Room model is first uploaded with the standard three views. 



Below the Model Views, there is a new panel called Objects which contains the Table & Chair sets required for each set-up style. Please note these are exact replicas based on the reference shots supplied, they are not stock sets from our library. 



Clicking on any of the objects loads it full screen with the Zoom and pin tool for comments. This allows you to view the sets up close to make sure every detail is accurate.  Each object must be approved individually before we create the set-up styles for the space.



In the Layouts Panel, you will see there is now an Empty Room Layout along with the set-up styles.



The Empty Room Model can now be downloaded on its own.



Once you have saved the Empty Room & Table Objects you can create your own floor plans using any presentation app like PowerPoint or Keynote.  You just drag & drop the table sets into the floorplan to create the desired capacity.  To demonstrate how easy this is we created a Sample PowerPoint Template using the assets from this orderThere is no additional cost for this upgrade for any future meeting & event space orders. For existing orders we are offering an $150 upgrade package to add the separate objects for any space currently in Visrez.  


Belgium’s First Hotel to use VR

Hotel BLOOM! is a design hotel in the centre of Brussels operated by Pandox, a leading owner of hotel properties in Northern Europe. At Pandox they love to try out new technologies and the team were excited to discover our Virtual Reality product. They knew this product would be an ideal method of promoting such a unique property internationally. The completed VR App contains photo-realistic renders of all the pubic areas and event spaces with multiple set-up styles allowing the user to switch positions and set-ups as if they are standing in the room.



Here is a recording from within the VR App which is controlled by user eye-tracking.



We built a full 3D replica of the Hotel with all the details even the vintage VW Bus which is used to serve Belgian waffles. This was a first for our VR team.





iFrame Codes for all 3D Floor plans

We have made it easier to embed 3D Floor Plans with the Zoom functionality into your website directly from Visrez. Pasting the code into your site displays the 3D Floor Plan with Zoom Tool like this example:


Below each 3D Floor Plan there is a ‘Get embed code’ button which contains the iframe code for that view. iFrames display the latest version of each plan which means you don’t have to replace the iframe each time a new version is updated.




Construction starts on new Visrez Studio

Construction began last month on our new studio which will house most of our modelling & texturing teams along with our expanded render farm. The 10,000 sq ft facility is located in an old factory complete with four metre high ceilings, vintage elevators and its own basement which will house our expanded render farm. This facility when finished will have enough space for hundreds of render servers capable of generating thousands of photo-realistic 3D floor plans each week. When it comes to creating a stunning interior design for the studio we have an abundance of talented designers on hand. The guys assigned to the task produced some really eye-catching designs which retain the old industrial style of the building whilst adding some nice modern touches.  When completed this studio will be fantastic, creative environment for our team to work from.  We have even produced VR renders to give the construction team an immersive view of what it will look like when completed.

Technical drawings have arrived.


What it currently looks like:

How it will look when completed:


Online Ordering Now Available

Our new online order tool makes it easy to set up new hotels within your Visrez account.
Just click on Create New Order at the top of your screen to start the process, and choose the product you wish to order.
Once you have completed the steps your new order will be live in the system and ready for assets to be uploaded.

Online ordering is only available for Hotels with an existing Visrez account.


Guestrooms and Suites

  • Any Size Guest-room, Apartment or Suite.
  • Outside elements such as decks, balconies included.
  • Three Views rendered – Front, Back Top-Down.


Meeting & Event Spaces

  • Any Interior or Exterior Meeting & Event Space
  • Empty Room Model with 3 Views uploaded first.
  • Up to five Set-up styles included once model approved.


Full Floorplans

  • Combined floor plan with up to 8 individual spaces
  • Includes breakouts and common areas.
  • Three set up styles included per individual room.


Resort Maps

  • All context elements and environment to scale
  • Multiple Angles Rendered to provide best view.

resort_products – 3D is a game changer

According to the Wall St Journal, many industries now rely more on 3D images than traditional photographs for marketing content. For example, 80% of images in automotive advertising campaigns today are 3D and just 20% are real photographs, ten years ago the figures were reversed.  IKEA the furniture giant switched its’ image production over to 3D because of the cost savings and benefits and most of the images now featured in their catalogs are 3D renders and not real photos.

When it comes to Hotel marketing, computer generated images are a game changer both creatively and commercially. 3D can provide hotels with compelling sales tools which could not be created using traditional photography. Top down views can be shown to customers when booking a suite. Meeting planners can inspect an entire floor using a full photorealistic 3D Floorplan.  The practical benefits aren’t bad either, no photo-shoots or rooms to set-up and 3D models can be updated again and again.  Order a new Carpet for your ballroom – No Problem, the 3D images can be updated before the new carpet gets fitted in the ballroom.

Here are some examples of how we transformed basic assets into stunning sales tools without setting foot on site.

Below is a reference photo taken by a client with their phone and uploaded to our system.


And now here is our 3D Render of the same ballroom.


Below is another reference photo uploaded by a client.


and here is our 3D Render of the same ballroom.


The diagram below is actually of a swimming pool area.

unnamed (7)

And here is our 3D Foorplan of the same pool area.



This is a CAD File of a bedroom suite.


Here is our 3D Floorplan of the same suite.


Another CAD file for a larger suite.

unnamed (2)

Top Down View of the same suite.

unnamed (3)

Here is a CAD export of a Penthouse Suite


This is our 3D Floorplan of the same penthouse suite.

Conrad Pezula 3D Floorplan

3D Modeling Making Business Sense for Hotels

Today more than 300 hotels (brands and independents) in 50+ countries are leveraging photo-realistic 3D replicas of their spaces as a way to promote their properties online. Thanks to new advances in 3D visualization technology, 3D Mapping has finally become an affordable in-demand tool for presenting lodging spaces online — including guestrooms, meeting rooms, pool, spas etc. — and it’s compelling nature can turn lookers into bookers. Over the last 10 years, I have been developing websites and reservations systems for hotels, convention and entertainment centers. During this time I saw first-hand the difficulties clients had in maintaining up-to-date photography for websites.


Conrad Bali – 3D Floorplan

Having read an article in 2011 on how Swedish furniture giant IKEA switched more than half of its total image content to 3D renders because of the advantages and cost savings, I knew the same principal could be applied to hotels. I researched the specialist 3D industry and learned that 3D modeling — when provided by a visualization firm – is priced on the square footage and the level of detail. The bigger a room or the more complex the interiors, the more it costs. This explained why 3D was not used in the hotel industry; beyond the construction phase of a project, the costs were far too high. The only way 3D could gain acceptance would be at a flat per-space rate regardless of the dimensions or interior detail.



Galgorm Resort – 3D Visual

Knowing the best practices required, I set out to produce the highest possible quality; knowing that anything would have to be visually stunning to gain acceptance. This was painfully slow in the early days, but gradually we improved and began to expand our capacity. Within two years we were producing high quality 3D Floorplans and visuals quickly and most importantly within our clients budgets. Today, we produce hundreds of 3D Floorplans each week for clients around the globe,  matching bedrooms, ballrooms and outdoor spaces on a like-for-like basis. Once a 3D Model has been created, any number of angles from that model can be produced. Spaces can be visualized inside, outside, above, in day or night settings. Buildings, water or trees can be added to make the graphic more lifelike. Not only can stunning imagery be created that is possible using traditional photography, but everything within the file can be updated as required. In a hotel context, as a property renovates, they just take a photo with their smartphone and send it to us and we can update the 3D model.



Hilton Mid-Town Manhattan – 3D Floorplan from basic diagram


With 3D Mapping, hotels upload a CAD file or basic floorplan along with reference photographs. Once these files are received, the 3D Floorplans can be ready within 24 hours. Try getting a high quality professional photographer on site within 24 hours. Even if you do , those rooms will need to be taken out of inventory and readied for the photographer. This could potentially lead to a loss of room revenue. The flexibility of working with 3D makes complete sense from an operations view point because it enables hoteliers to order images on demand and have the floorplans within 24 hours. Hotels can maintain a library of up-to-date floorplans, whether its guestrooms, meeting spaces, leisure areas, restaurants or exterior spaces.  3D Floorplans are proving be a great marketing and booking tool as well. They provide potential patrons with the ability to understand the spaces before setting foot inside. When presented a highly detailed 3D Floorplan and a set of photographs that don’t give a rounded view of a hotel, customers will always opt for the 3D imagery. Nobody likes surprises when it comes to hotels, and giving customers the chance to see exactly what is offered is a win-win-win for the customer, the property and the brand/owner.


Hilton Miami Beach – 3D Floorplan

3D Leads to Booking

At some point, we all have booked a hotel based on the beautiful photographs only to feel a bit disappointed once we get inside; the room is not quite as spacious or stunning in reality. 3D Floorplans offer something new to both guests and hoteliers. In today’s world, guests want to feel in control of their stay right from the very start; they are active rather than passive consumers, and have more of a vested interest in their experience as a whole. With 3D Floorplans, hoteliers can give more control to the customer by providing them with a practical tool to inform their decision; they work equally well whether the property is marketing guestrooms or ballrooms.



Conrad Pezula Resort – 3D Floorplan

About Nicky Morrogh

Nicky Morrogh is the founder of Visrez, a 3D Modeling platform used by Hotels, Resorts & Convention Centres Worldwide. Clients upload their assets and Visrez brings their event spaces to life in stunning, photo-realistic detail. There are no photo-shoots or site visits required. Visrez allows clients to visualize their spaces from any angle, style or set-up and they can be updated to match any future refurbishments. He can be reached at: nicky at